Brian Fares

Senior Leader

Brian Fares brings a remarkable 19-year journey in the timeshare industry to our team, with a specific focus on timeshare relief over the past 7 years. His tenure has not just been about gaining experience; it’s been a journey of insight and understanding. As an executive immersed in the timeshare world, Brian witnessed firsthand the evolution of the industry. He saw its transformation from a family-oriented, value-driven sector to its current state — an industry grappling with challenges, often marred by deceptive sales practices and a high-pressure sales culture.

This firsthand experience ignited Brian’s shift towards the timeshare relief industry. His in-depth knowledge and executive insight make him uniquely qualified to lead in this area. Brian understands the complexities and intricacies of timeshare contracts and the often-overwhelming process that clients face. His expertise lies in navigating these challenges, offering a beacon of hope and reliable guidance to those seeking relief from their timeshare burdens.

As the Director, Brian’s vision is rooted in integrity and client-focused solutions. He is committed to leading our team with a philosophy that prioritizes ethical practices and transparent communication. His approach is not just about providing a service; it’s about restoring trust and value to our clients who have been disillusioned by their timeshare experiences.