Frequently Asked Questions

What if I still have a balance on my Timeshare mortgage?

No worries if you still have a balance on your timeshare mortgage. We specialize in helping families navigate through the cancellation of their timeshares, even when there’s an outstanding mortgage balance. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, providing support and solutions tailored to your unique situation. We’re committed to finding the best path forward for you, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. 

What if I have multiple Timeshares?

If you have multiple timeshares, no worries! Our experienced team is well-equipped to handle each of your timeshare properties with the same level of attention and care. We’ll work closely with you to gather all the necessary information for each property. Then, we’ll guide you through every step of the cancellation process for each timeshare, ensuring a thorough and streamlined experience. Our goal is to provide you with a complete solution that brings you peace of mind. 

What if my kids, another family member, or friend(s) are on the deed with me?

When multiple people are listed on the timeshare deed, including family members or friends, we handle it with care and inclusivity. Our approach involves clear communication with both you and your timeshare company. We’ll ensure that everyone involved is fully informed about the steps required and any actions they need to take. Our team is dedicated to making the process smooth and transparent for all parties involved, working together towards a successful resolution.

How much does this cost?

Every timeshare is unique, and we’re here to help as many owners as possible. While not every timeshare qualifies for our service, we offer a complimentary consultation to assess your specific situation. This free consultation allows us to determine if we can assist you effectively. There’s no obligation, just an opportunity for you to find out how we can help. Let’s explore your options together. 

Does my timeshare qualify?

Our consultation is free. Our service is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you get the best value. The cost varies depending on your unique timeshare ownership and circumstances. We believe in transparent and fair pricing, so we’ll provide you with a personalized quote after understanding your situation. This way, you only pay for what you need, nothing more. Let’s discuss your case to determine the most cost-effective solution for you.

How long does it take?

Our goal is to resolve your timeshare exit as efficiently as possible. On average, our service takes about 210 days. However, we’re proud to say that we’ve successfully expedited cases in as little as 30 days! Every situation is unique, and we strive to work swiftly while ensuring the highest standards of service. Let’s get started on your case, and we’ll do our best to complete it in the shortest time possible.