Joseph Merrell


Joseph Merrell stands at the forefront of timeshare exit strategy at Premier Consulting Group. Bringing over seven years of rich experience in the timeshare industry, Joseph is a vital asset to our team. His journey began in one of the largest timeshare companies, where he gained an in-depth understanding of the industry’s inner workings. At Premier Consulting Group, he applies this comprehensive knowledge to help clients navigate the complexities of exiting their timeshares. Joseph’s dedication to delivering streamlined and client-focused solutions makes the timeshare exit process both efficient and reassuring.

Joseph’s journey is marked by a strong commitment to serving others. His tenure as a staff sergeant in the army, culminating in three overseas deployments and an honorable discharge in 2013, has instilled in him the values of discipline and exceptional leadership. These qualities are evident in his approach to timeshare consulting, where he applies the same level of dedication and excellence.

Joseph Merrell is more than just an employee; he’s a dedicated partner on your path to liberating yourself from timeshare obligations. With Joseph’s guidance, Premier Consulting Group ensures that your journey is in the most capable hands.